Surprisingly, Mastodon is the first application where I actively regret self-hosting it.

I mean, eating 1.3GB of RAM after a few days of stabilizing is one thing, but also eating 16GB of HDD just for caching avatars and preview_cards is kinda ridiculous. (And I'm not even talking about media attachments - there is a task to purge old attachments, which makes them manageable).

Where does Mastodon saves the cached data?

Pleroma’s mediaproxy feature allows Nginx, Caddy, etc. to do the caching of remote content like avatars, and attachments. (Just cache requests to /proxy)

With mediaproxy disabled, Pleroma doesn’t save remote content locally and the client always fetches it from the source.
And the TTL is still “forever” and the cache is never cleared?

@shibayashi For avatars, profile headers, and whatever preview_cards are, jup. :)

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