How to tell you're doing a good job at enforcing CoCs: white male nazi-dudes complain about the project not being "free software" because they get "censored".

Lovely. <3

Surprisingly, Mastodon is the first application where I actively regret self-hosting it.

I mean, eating 1.3GB of RAM after a few days of stabilizing is one thing, but also eating 16GB of HDD just for caching avatars and preview_cards is kinda ridiculous. (And I'm not even talking about media attachments - there is a task to purge old attachments, which makes them manageable).

“Roses are red, Facebook is blue. Alternative social networks are what we want, but on implementing them… we have no clue”.

Me on Handling data in (alternative) social networks -

@Gargron (note that my question is kinda ignorant, as I could have researched your past ideas myself. But sometimes, starting a conversation is easier. Sorry. ;))

@Gargron Instead of using Relays to make federation "better" for smaller nodes, have you ever considered delivering public items to all nodes known to the origin node, and bootstrapping the list of known nodes by some means?

So, Edinburgh, let's have some fun together this week.

So, hi. Yes, I am one of the * core devs, but no, we don't hate Mastodon over there. In fact, I think that comparing micro-blogging like Mastodon to something like diaspora* is a bit... weird.

Anyway, just here to fill some of the micro-blogging needs twitter failed to deliver.

Just my private Mastodon instance. Move along.